There’s no doubt that school is looking a lot different this year! In a way, it seems that there are several different directions we are taking to navigate this upcoming school year, but there is one thing that remains a constant… SCHOOL LUNCH. Whether you’re in-person, distant learning, doing a hybrid method, or homeschooling, these kiddos need to eat!

I am doing a homeschooling co-op with a few other families in my neighborhood, and the topic of lunch has come up in all the logistics we’ve had to figure out. We have decided that each kid will bring their own lunch, which means I will still be packing five different lunches every night. Yes, I pack my lunches at night! It’s one of the ways I help my mornings run just a bit smoother.

While PB&J is still a major contender for our lunch boxes, we definitely like to try new things!

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