Ask any parent sheltered at home with kids right now and they’ll tell you how tired they are of the words, “Can I have a snack?” Plenty of grown-ups are grappling with the urge to snack all day, too.

It’s not surprising given the giant shift in routine, underlying stress of the situation, and the fact that snacks are within arm’s reach at any time — day or night. And while snacks can be a nourishing way to keep your brain and body energized (especially for littler tanks that need regular fuel), excessive snacking isn’t the best way to keep you sane (or healthy).

6 Tips for Healthier Snacking

Below are tips and strategies so that your snacking doesn’t spin out of control. You’ll also find 12 healthy recipes to make snack time something to look forward to.

  1. Don’t use your kitchen as an office or school room. Space limitations may make this hard, but if possible,…

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