Deliciously rich and intensely buttery, these muffins are made to satisfy. Just three ingredients makes a plentiful batch for snacking or they can be served with dinner.

I had considered a lofty baking project for my first post of the New Year, but ultimately decided there will be plenty of time for that later. I’d rather ease into things with something simple and delicious, and this recipe is both. 

I found this recipe while digging through a stack of old community cookbooks. I’d never heard of Butter-Me-Nots, and I was intrigued by the incredibly short list of ingredients. 

Three Ingredient Butter Me Not Muffins

Here they are – all 3 ingredients. Whenever a baking recipe has so few, you can just about bet that one of them is self-rising flour. I keep this type flour on hand because White Lily Self-Rising Flour is the absolute best flour for southern style buttermilk biscuits, and I make those weekly. 

Whole milk ricotta…

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