You have cherries, you have plans. Here’s how you can pit those cherries even if you don’t have a designated cherry pitter!


Photography Credit:
Sally Vargas | Art Banner Credit: Elena Resko

Cherries are a relatively low-maintenance fruit because there’s no peeling or coring, but you do still need to pit them!

If you only cook with cherries a few times a year, it might not be worth it to get a designated cherry pitter. Here are four other ways you can pit cherries to get them ready for the pies, preserves, and cakes you are dreaming of!

A bowl of cherries with a handheld cherry pitter to the right to show how to pit cherries.


Cherries have pits, and if you don’t like cracking your fillings, you need to get those pits out before you eat them.

It’s best to remove stems before pitting the cherries. Also, I…

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