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Where are you at with summer cooking? Because I’m at level: marinated tomatoes. Which is conveniently low maintenance AND extremely juicy and delicious and I probably won’t stop anytime soon.

I don’t mean like I’m making marinated tomatoes and having it as a side dish (although you go right ahead – if you’re fancy enough to have side dishes right now, don’t let me stop you).

I mean like, for the day to day, the extent of my entire “cooking” is a bowl of tomatoes that hang out for a little soak time in some garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and some fresh herbs.

What you get is a tomato salad of sorts – one that is swimming in tomato juices and olive oil and infused with garlic and herbs.

And oh, did we already establish that it takes about five seconds to make? Great.

It is my gold medal summer recipe right now….

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