Chocolate Hummus is a healthier dessert dip your going to love! Made with cocoa, peanut butter and garbanzo beans, this hummus is a smooth dreamy fix for those chocolate cravings!

When you think hummus, you probably think of the traditional hummus that tops savory gyros or maybe a chipotle hummus, that tops barbacoa beef beautifully. But this dessert hummus is a game changer!

Chocolate Hummus with strawberries, pretzels and blackberries.

Chocolate Hummus

When that craving hits for something chocolaty but you don’t want the extra junk, you have to reach for this chocolate hummus recipe. It’s going to hit that sweet spot and you won’t leave you feeling guilty. Full of healthy nutrients chocolate hummus is a great way to sneak some goodness into your kids diets as well. If you don’t tell them, they’ll never know. Everyone will love dipping their favorite dippers again and again! Perfect for a party, snack or dessert. It’s a healthy…

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