This post is written in partnership with The Spice Hunter. 

Holiday gatherings will most likely be smaller this year, and our tried and true traditions may look different … yet no less memorable.

We’re thankful to toast with our close family (and FaceTime with those not so close), enjoy our favorite meals, and celebrate with familiar–and new–traditions alike.

So this season, let’s not just muddle through: let’s elevate the holidays at home. From trying new flavors and recipes to closing our eyes and momentarily escaping to exotic locales, join us as we cook, share, imbibe and toast to the good things ahead.

Make One Small Change

Doing it up for the big holiday meal need not mean big changes. In fact, making one small tweak can transform a so-so turkey or a good-enough pie into a real holiday MVP.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to take things up a…

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