This month welcome Sara Bir. Sara is the author of two cookbooks, Tasting Ohio and the IACP award-winning The Fruit Forager’s Companion. She also moderates and replies to your comments here on Simply Recipes. Follow her @sausagetarian.

Even though I often enjoy making dinner, sometimes I don’t look forward to it. It’s a roadblock between me and the opportunity to knock out a pressing task, or simply the chance to sit down and do nothing. Do you ever feel the same way? I was there last week and I nearly broke down and ordered takeout.

Ordering takeout is certainly no moral failing, but the takeout where my family lives is not good. After browsing a few uninspired online menus, we pushed through and cooked a simple pasta dinner that easily outdid anything we could have ordered. Plus, it was ready in about the same amount of time it would have taken to go pick it up and drive…

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