7 Layer Magic Bars are loaded with layers of rich flavors from coconut, pecans, butterscotch, and chocolate.  You will be amazed how easy it is to create a bar this delicious where every single bite is ooey gooey perfection!

If you love layers of rich flavors, also try my Skor Toffee Chip Bars and S’mores Bars. These satisfying and easy to make bars are irresistible!

7 layer bars cut into squares.

7 Layer Magic Bars

These incredibly delicious bars are just what the name says, magic.  They definitely disappear!  They will fly off the cooling rack and become a family favorite instantly.  Super easy to make and impossible to mess up, these are a huge hit and are an easy make ahead dessert.

The contrast of textures in each 7 layer bite is perfect.  The pecans and the graham cracker crust add great crunch, while the coconut, butterscotch and chocolate chips are melty and soft.  Coconut, chocolate and butterscotch…

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