We are cooking from the pantry now more than ever, which means we’re trying to keep it stocked with staples. And canned tomatoes? Definitely a staple! So many recipes – chili, meatballs, Indian butter chicken, Mexican lasagna – call for a can of tomatoes.

But what kind of can? Depending on the recipe, you may be asked for diced tomatoes, crushed, whole peeled … the list goes on! So what’s the difference between all these different types of canned tomatoes? And can you swap, say, a can of crushed tomatoes with a can of diced tomatoes? Or maybe the shelves at your grocery store are cleared out of every kind of canned tomato but the stewed variety. You’ve never bought stewed tomatoes before. What are stewed tomatoes?!

We have answers, friends, and can help light the way on your canned tomato journey!

What’s In a Can of Tomatoes?

Every kind of canned…

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