For years I attended backyard cookouts where the company was great, the potluck sides were aces, but the main attraction—the grilled food—left a lot to be desired. I’m talking dry chicken with a generous black crust of carbon, or a dinner stalled for hours because the fire wasn’t hot enough and it took ages for the food to cook.

Owning and using a grill is one thing; knowing how to cook delicious food on it is another. Once I learned those things, sawdust chicken breasts and disappointing, too-chewy racks of ribs were a thing of the past!

Today I’ve put together a guide that will push your grilling game from clumsy to skilled. The very act of grilling is fun, sure, but it’s even better when you sit down to a meal and know at first bite that you just crushed it, thanks to your grilling skills.


When cooking indoors on a…

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