Life feels a little wobbly right now, doesn’t it? Holy smokes.

The news is changing every day with updates on the novel coronavirus, and now that it’s reached us here in the United States, and here in Minnesota, everything that used to be far away now feels a whole lot more real and uncertain.

School closures, job losses, and economic instability are all a lot to handle on top of the main event of a very real public health crisis.

One thing that remains predictable in all of this?

You need to eat. ♡

Your kids need to eat. My dog needs to eat. We all need to eat.

People need food, for their physical bodies, and I think also for nourishing their souls. And in a time where so much feels like it’s just hanging on by a thread, making and eating food can be centering. A small way to focus, provide, create joy.

It puts our feet back on the ground. It takes…

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