This post is from our 3-part series exploring the Gozney Roccbox! Check out the other two posts: Spicy Sausage Pizza and 8 Things to Cook in a Roccbox Other Than Pizza.

Some of my favorite pizzas in the world have come out of small wood-fired brick ovens. The ovens get incredibly hot and make deliciously crispy pizza crust in just a few minutes.

So I was thrilled to get my hands on a Gozney Roccbox, a tabletop backyard pizza oven (that can do so much more). The Roccbox might seem intimidating (BIG flames, HOT temps), but it’s actually very easy to set up. And while it is obviously made for pizza (and excels at that!), in my testing I learned it’s actually a powerful all-purpose cooking tool, especially if you want to keep your kitchen cool in hot summer months.

Let’s dive in and see what’s so cool about the Roccbox!


It comes down…

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