Akai Kick smoothie, our defences’ best friend. We are about to finish the year, and this is often a time of weakness for our bodies. The months are taking their toll (and more so with this year’s pandemic) and our defences needs a boost.

To help with this, a good diet is crucial: fruit and vegetables are two key elements. And although many think so, these two foods are not antonyms of taste and pleasure.

If you want to enjoy fruit, try smoothies, and if you also want to help your body, today we recommend the Akai Kick, our defences’ best friend.



The Akai Kick is our most powerful smoothie in terms of nutritional value. And it’s no wonder with the ingredients in it:

Banana. We all know about the potassium content of bananas, which makes them ideal for helping the body to recover after sport. But it also has vitamin A, B2, B6 and C, as well as being very…

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