The first time I had ambrosia salad as an adult, I was certain that it was a prank of some sort. It’s definitely strange to call this fruit-and-whipped-cream mixture a salad, which I normally would associate with vegetables. But ambrosia salad holds a serious place in the nostalgia of America and sometimes it is the perfect side dish.

It should come as no shock to you that kids find it amazing and hilarious. (Marshmallows in salad?! What!?) But, adults love it too. After some light joke-making at the expense of the ambrosia bowl, they will dig in, and leftovers will be sparse.


Ambrosia salad can be many things, but it’s essentially a fruit salad with whipped cream as a “dressing” to hold the ingredients together. There are many versions out there, but this version is my personal favorite. It includes some canned fruit, some fresh,…

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