If you haven’t already tried an Aperol Spritz, you’ve probably heard of one.

This popular Italian apéritif (pre-dinner drink) is a favorite summertime sipper for many. It’s low in alcohol, easy to drink, and has a zesty deep orange color that calls to mind a sunset on a hot summer night.

It’s also incredibly simple to make an Aperol Spritz at home – just Aperol, prosecco (or sparkling wine), and soda water – which means a quick stop at the store and you can enjoy a glass tonight!


Aperol is an Italian orange liqueur. The recipe is secret, as is the case with many specialty liqueurs, but the brand’s website does say it’s “an infusion of ingredients including oranges, herbs, and roots.” (Don’t give it all away now!)

When I taste Aperol on its own, to me it tastes like the syrup version of orange soda, quite sweet but with a bit…

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