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Any recipe that involves grilled sourdough bread is a recipe that I like.

And by like, I mean love. And by love, I mean become obsessed with to the point where I’ve now eaten a half a loaf of sourdough as the “side” to this recipe.

This is a situation where we have some really good things (feta, garlic, shrimp, tomato sauce) in a hot bubbling pan together, and we could totally stop there. You ‘re not into bread? or sourdough? or heavenly perfection? that’s fine! Just hold right here. Serve that baked shrimp with cauliflower rice, or rice, or zoodles.

Personally, though, my method / vehicle of choice for getting that all into my mouth is at least two but maybe three sliced of butter-soaked grilled sourdough bread. You heard me: grilled bread. Crisped golden bread, with that little bit of sourdough tang, sopped, soaked, dragged through…

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