This post is written in partnership with Dannon.

You know you’ve been there: staring into the fridge wondering what to grab for breakfast. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with an energy bar, maybe you’re a fan of the coffee shop drive through.

But quick breakfasts don’t have to be lackluster. They can be balanced, vibrant and delicious, and made in virtually the same amount of time it takes to unwrap your favorite morning pastry. What’s the secret? Let’s talk yogurt! 

Why Yogurt?

Because yogurt contains good bacteria! And you know what that means, right? It means starting your day on a positive note, our goal this spring.

Many yogurts contain protein, calcium and important vitamins and minerals for your diet. And for our team anyway, a good hit of protein from a balanced breakfast first thing in the morning helps keep us from getting hungry an hour…

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