At any given point, I probably have a head of broccoli in my fridge. You, too? If that’s the case, you can bust out this versatile veggie side dish with minimal work. I get it going as I prep other parts of my dinner.

Want a gold star in thrift and food waste prevention? Even (or especially if) your broccoli is looking tired and floppy, it shines in this preparation, and you use the whole head—stem and all.

The secret is chopping it into little pieces so it cooks quickly and becomes tender.

How to Prep the Broccoli 

Is knife prep something you loathe? You’re off the hook: Accuracy does not count here! While you’re chopping the broccoli into small bits, it’s totally fine—and even preferable—that some are larger than others. That way, some get nice and soft in the skillet, while others still maintain a slight toothiness.

Here’s how to prep the…

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