Well, if nothing else, I thought it might be nice to do a weekly check-in to get us through these times.

TL;DR: Still here, still staying home, still grateful and also sometimes still struggling.

How are you guys doing? What has this experience been like for you this week? And I say this week because doesn’t it feel like it sort of changes with the hour? Man. I feel like we’ve all lived a lot of lifetimes in the last few weeks.

I’m planning to post these weekly recaps on Fridays… until they aren’t our lives anymore. I don’t know when that is or what that looks like. But until then, here’s the recap list from the week:

  • Something Delicious
  • Something Outside
  • Something Connected
  • Something To Look Forward To

Bonus: A Dog Photo!

This is just a check-in. That’s all, really. Just a chance to say hi out there to you in your home, from me in my home, on my couch,…

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