One of my favorite things about becoming a better home cook is revisiting classic recipes that I can put a new, homemade spin on.

This Cheesy Potato Casserole is an update on a very classic casserole. The old school version is a creamy dish of pure comfort food. I kept the flavors but ditched the canned soup for a homemade sauce! The result is a baking dish full of deliciousness that can be the main focus of a dinner plate served with a side salad or grilled protein.

I was pretty concerned that my kids wouldn’t touch this casserole — my five-year-old hates cheese. It’s a real struggle and probably his biggest character flaw to date. But, he legit doesn’t like cheese and has been holding strong on this belief for over a year now. Be sure to check out the Report Card below to see if I was right!

Updating classic recipes is so fun and it turns out there is a…

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