This vintage cake recipe requires no eggs, milk, or butter, and instead relies on pantry ingredients for its success. Make it when you’re fresh out of fresh ingredients!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is navigating this strange season of life with hope and optimism. Since baking is my happy place, I’ve been making small batches of essentials I know we’ll eat up with no waste (these are next for breakfast!). I’ve also been cleaning my kitchen and taking pantry inventory. My husband and I have made the decision to self isolate and make the best of what we’ve got on hand for as long as possible.

That’s why this recipe is so timely! It requires nothing from the refrigerator and whips up by hand – you won’t even need an electric mixer.

Wacky Cake

The recipe has roots from The Great Depression, when ingredients like butter and milk were expensive or heavily rationed. It goes by a few names you…

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