Chocolate pots de crème are deeply chocolaty with luxurious texture. This recipe adds a note of woodsy pine with the addition of rosemary.

I recently mentioned how much I value make-ahead desserts during the holiday season. This is yet another that I love. Like most French desserts, it is rich and decadent. This version has a note of pine that seems so fitting for winter. 

Traditionally, pots de crème are baked in a water bath. This recipe is made on the stove top and skips baking entirely, which speeds up the process but doesn’t compromise any of the texture or flavor this dessert is know for.
Chocolate Rosemary Pots de Creme

The very first thing you’ll do is steep a length of rosemary in cream. You can omit this step for a purely chocolate pot de crème, if you prefer. After some time infusing, the cream is added to the rest of the ingredients in top of a double boiler (or a bowl over a saucepan, as I do). The…

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