This riff on the classic Sidecar is more sultry than sour — it’s a dream pairing of good cognac with dark creme de cacao along with the nuttiness and caramel of a deep tawny port. Lime juice and chocolate bitters brighten and lighten the richness, making it less of a dessert and more of a dignified, delicious tease.

The History of the Chocolate Sidecar

On one hand, we can look all the way back to the Crusta Cocktail of the 1800s, or the Sidecar of the 1920s, to strip this drink down to its elements: A classic sour cocktail made with cognac, fresh citrus, and a touch of sweetness. 

On the other hand, you have the modern legend Wayne Collins to thank for this cocktail. Collins created this 2005 riff on the classic by substituting both creme de cacao and tawny port for the curaçao in the typical Side Car. A discreet amount of lime juice is the perfect…

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