The classic pairing of orange juice and champagne is what first comes to mind when you see “mimosa” listed on a cocktail menu. Although the origins of this popular brunch drink are hazy at best, this simple pairing is an easy and versatile cocktail you can whip up in seconds.

This recipe is all about sparkling wine and orange juice, but if you like to mix it up a bit, don’t be afraid to explore other citrus that’s available, ripe, and ready for juicing. I personally have tangelo, tangerine, and lemon trees in my backyard.

While those particular varieties might not be readily available where you are, any combination of citrus should make a delicious mimosa. Think tangerine and Meyer lemon, or blood orange and navel oranges.

I love playing with flavor combinations as much as anyone, but sometimes it’s nice to settle in with a classic.


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