Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing is such a classic! Made with iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, and homemade blue cheese dressing. 15 minutes and it’s ready for the table!

Photography Credit:
Sheryl Julian

For years, iceberg lettuce got a real thrashing from chefs who thought of it as tasteless and nothing but texture. What’s wrong with great texture?

Cut up a head of iceberg for a classic wedge salad, add blue cheese dressing, smoky bacon, and a few cherry tomatoes, and even the worst kitchen snobs will change their minds!

What is a Wedge Salad?

Wedge salads go back to the early 20th century, when iceberg lettuce was simply dressed with a creamy dressing such as Roquefort, Russian, or Green Goddess before serving.

Blue cheese and…

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