What’s the Best Corn for Corn Chowder?

Fresh sweet corn on the cob is the ideal corn to use here. It’s best if it’s in season, but you can use off-season corn from the grocery store and get good results.

Can You Make Corn Chowder with Frozen Corn?

Yes, you can use frozen corn, but you won’t have the same intensity of corn flavor because you won’t simmering the stripped cobs in the milk. To compensate, you could add about a cup of extra frozen corn, first whizzing it in a food processor.

For Great Corn Chowder, Cook the Corn Cobs

The step of simmering the corn cobs in the milk may seem surprising, but it adds a ton of flavor. You’re essentially making a corn broth. After cutting the kernels off the cobs, you can extract more corn essence by “milking” the cobs: run the back side of your knife down the cob to extract the remaining sweet, milky liquid and add this to the chowder along…

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