Cream puffs filled with simple vanilla whipped cream and covered in a dusting of powdered sugar are a classic dessert. But once you’ve mastered the recipe for the cream puff shell, it can be customized with all sorts of delicious filling to your heart’s desire!

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Cream puffs on a serving plate

Cream Puff Recipe

Cream puff is made with a French pastry dough, called choux pastry or pate a choux. To make choux pastry, you actually cook the flour in water and butter to form a paste, then beat in the eggs at the end. When baked, the dough expands in the oven creating a hollow shell, to be filled with all sorts of delicious fillings.

In this recipe, I used milk instead of water for more richness along with some salt and sugar for flavor. But most of the flavor in cream puffs will…

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