Creamed corn is summer’s comfort food.

The starchy residue that lies beneath the kernels thickens the corn, and in this version, cream seals the deal. Even summer has its cool and rainy days, but a warm bowl of these sweet golden kernels can cheer you while you wait for the sun to come out.

VIDEO! How to Make Creamed Corn


In corn season, fresh corn is always optimal, and it really is the sweetest, most irresistible choice. You can also extract corn milk, a sweet starchy liquid, from the cobs of fresh corn. Corn that is fresh off the cob has a creamy, succulent quality that announces summer is here!

Having said that, you could substitute frozen corn, especially if you want to make this for a fall holiday (hello, Thanksgiving!) when corn is not in season.

Unfortunately, you can’t extract corn milk from frozen kernels. To mimic…

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