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Good news: yes, this is as luscious as it looks.

And yes, you can make use of your squash that you either grew in your garden (shout out to you!) or bought from someone else who grew it because you were busy doing other things (it me).

This recipe is a cozy date-night-at-home dream for the fall, or the winter, or the ANYTIME.

The silky sauce, the caramelized onion, the fork-twirled noodles, topped with the crispy pancetta and delicate little flakes of salty parmesan and fried sage leaves… all of it just makes you want to wrap up in a blanket and burrow into a pasta cave and come out sometime never.

I mostly like this recipe for a fancy date night, but I have to tell you, the little two-year-old who tags along on most of our food experiences was VERY, VERY excited about this “pastha” and helped me remember that this can really serve…

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