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Get your face right in there.

You’re like, wait, though, isn’t that too close? PUH-LEEZ. You and I both know that a person can never be too close to those browned lasagna edges that are the perfect amount of chewy, and that’s exactly why we like to hang out together and get wild about all the foods. That’s this lasagna florentine.

Lifting a piece of lasagna out of the pan.

Like a Big Cozy Hug

This creamy tomato lasagna florentine is layer upon layer of saucy tomato tang and garlic sauteed spinach nestled into a creamy blanket over the sauce, soaked up on all sides by thick and chewy lasagna noodles for a perfectly clean slice of comfort food.

And it is giving our whole selves a hug these days. Like, pan after pan after pan, hot out of the oven for dinner, leftovers reheated in the oven because it’s the only way I’m satisfied with the reheating of a piece of lasagna…

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