If you’re looking for a centerpiece holiday dish, a stunner for a Sunday supper, or brunch with friends, then a mile-high Deep Dish Quiche is just the thing you need.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from a road trip to Vermont last summer. The slice of mile-high quiche served at our café lunch stop was a vision to behold and tasted even better than it looked. Now you can have your version at home!

This quiche is tall, you could say downright regal, filled with bacon, scallions, a lot of parsley, sharp cheddar, and, most importantly, cream. Heavy cream! (No holds barred here.)

This luscious and rich dish is large enough to serve at least eight people. The golden crust is buttery and flaky, just the right complement for the rich filling.


Quiche is a French tart with a buttery crust filled with savory custard that can include all manner…

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