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Truly, honestly, from the bottom of my chocolate chip cookie heart… it does not get better than this.

Buttery, crisped cookie ridges with a melty chocolate and slightly underdone center is going to give you the best of both cookie worlds, all in the couch-friendly format of individual deep dish cookie bowls.

The path to a lot of the recipes on Pinch of Yum starts with me trying to solve a problem for myself. And my problem was: end of night, end of week, tired and lazy but… I wanted cookies. I’m saying it like it’s past tense but it’s just kind of my life, indefinitely.

But I didn’t want REGULAR cookies (already have those and yes they are the best ever). I was more looking for something in a warm little bowl that I could cozy up with, kind of like these raspberry crumbles – but the more wintery, deep dish cookie version of…

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