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Let’s talk about what happens when you take a graham-cracker loaded cookie base, top it with little squares of chocolate bars, pile it high with marshmallows, and stick it in the oven for a few minutes.

THIS. This is what happens. An ooey-gooey, golden brown, melty, cookie-loaded miracle.

Since the world is still weird and most of us are still generally staying at home (hi) and not feeding huge crowds of people (hi), I made these s’mores cookie bowls into an at-home, on-the-fly, TWO PERSON situation. A one-person situation would also be very acceptable.

This is kind of thing where you can say: it’s been a day, and we need a little something to just make the evening happier and sparklier and more celebratory, so here is a thing we can bake quickly, and eat it while it’s hot and gooey, and it will be the perfect special thing for just…

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