This easy bean and cheese pupusas are handmade griddle cakes filled with savory beans and cheese.  They are inexpensive and easy to make, but just beware because they are addicting!

There is something about handheld street foods made in the comfort of my home that is so fun! Try some of my other favorites like Homemade Empanadas or Grilled Mexican Street Corn too!

Easy Bean and Cheese Pupusas on a plate served with slaw and salsa.

Easy Bean and Cheese Pupusas

So, just so you know, I am totally in on the food truck craze.  My family and I love to walk around street fairs and check out the handmade items.  Mostly though, I am checking out the food!  I go really crazy for authentic ethnic foods!  Recently, I discovered pupusas and I was so fascinated!! I went straight into researching them and figuring out how I could bring this amazing recipe to my kitchen, and yours!

After getting home and trying this out myself I was amazed how easy it was. …

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