This breakfast casserole, or strata, is everything breakfast should be—easy, healthy, and delicious. Layer crusty bread, beaten eggs, tender greens, and prosciutto in an ovenproof skillet, and bake to golden, cheesy perfection.

Photography Credit:
Katie Morford

A scrumptious breakfast casserole is a pretty good way to rouse folks from warm beds. This one hits all the right notes for a savory breakfast: cheesy, nourishing, a bit smoky (thanks to the prosciutto), and plainly delicious. It also happens to be darn easy to make.

This particular breakfast casserole is known as a strata. It’s in the same family as a quiche or frittata, with one little difference: You stir torn or cut pieces of bread into the beaten eggs before popping it into the oven to…

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