These Green Bean Bundles are going to up your side dish game, without a lot of work, but with all the glory. They look so elegant and refined, but they are so easy! Crispy bacon wrapped around succulent green beans will be your tradition this holiday season.

Green Beans are a classic side dish, they go with just about anything and are so scrumptious no matter how you cook them. Whether it’s Garlic Butter String Beans or the World’s Best Green Bean Casserole, they’re just a great choice.


Green beans wrapped in savory bacon.

Green Bean Bundles

Everyone loves a good side dish. They are just as important as the main dish in most cases. Especially around the holidays. Everyone is looking for that special side dish that’s really going to make the meal special. These Green Bean Bundles will elevate your meal to whole new level. They will ooh and ahh and eat them faster than you can make them. I suggest you make…

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