Pie. Delicious, heavenly pie. Great in all seasons and in all weather, no one turns down a homemade pie!

And what’s one thing every pie needs? A pie plate. But what kind? Here’s a quick primer on pie plate materials and a few we love and recommend.

The Best Material for a Pie Plate

The most common materials you find for pie plates are glass, glazed ceramic, aluminum, or aluminized steel. Each material has its pros and cons, and some are better for certain kinds of pies over others.

Glass Pie Plates

Glass has long been a go-to pie plate material.

The pros of glass pie pans are that they’re inexpensive and heat up slowly and evenly, so your crust should bake evenly as well. But arguably their best feature is that they let you see the bottom of your pie to check if your crust has browned!

The cons are that glass breaks, and if your glass pie plate is made from anything other than…

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