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Do I say it all the time?

But for real, for REAL this time: THESE COOKIES ARE SO GOOD.

Browned butter and brown sugar caramely goodness, crispy edges, barely thick and soft centers, melty little puddles of chocolate chips and sprinkles of just enough salt to cut the sweetness and make you feel like you could probably eat 5 of them.

My first favorite thing about these browned butter chocolate chip cookies is that they combine the best of both the thin-cookie and thick-cookie worlds with that satisfying little crunch around the edge AND underbaked centers that are thick enough to really sink your teeth into. Best. Of. Both. Worlds.

My second favorite thing about these cookies is that they also just shine, and I mean really shine, with rich, deep, caramely flavor thanks to a whole lot of browned butter.

At this point in our internet’s…

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