Hello! HELLO!!

It’s been a while – like, a few months a while – and it’s so good to be back!

Last time we spoke, I looked like this:

And now, four months later, I look like this:

OMGEE we had a baby!

This little munchkin is baby Lena.

(here she is at one month)

(and here she is at, well, yesterday)

SQUEEEE! She has VERY squishy cheeks and a super easy smile and an incredibly cute double chin, and we just adore her. And I am wearing some very obscure, everything-else-is-in-the-laundry pajama pants in this picture. Thank you for understanding.

I have been out on maternity leave for the last few months, and besides the amazing Plant Powered January series that I put together with our team before my leave, you haven’t missed any other updates about our life with her. I am JUST NOW finding enough margin to even write this…

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