These Flourless Brownie Cookies are absolutely irresistible with their crisp, crackled exteriors and chewy, fudgy centers.

I think we all should stop and give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through the strange and turbulent month that was March. It seems we are in for more social distancing this month, and I am ready to comply. The next 30 days will surely have its challenges, but whenever I feel stressed or anxious I like to put on my metaphorical Mr. Spock ears – it’s time to be logical. Or at least try to be as much as possible. With level heads and strong hearts, we can do this!

Although I have some flour on hand (and bread recipes are sure to follow) I’m still favoring flourless recipes. I wonder, what are you baking right now? And what ingredients are you having trouble finding? Today I’m sharing this deeply chocolaty cookie recipe that only requires one fresh…

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