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Hello and meet your new best friend.

Garlic Parm Shellbows.

Specifically, the shellbows. WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?!

They are a cross between shells and elbows and I am now ready to trade out all my existing pasta so I exclusively cook with shellbows. Goodbye.

(The shellbows are a DeLallo thing which is win-win because the quality of their pasta is top of the line.)

This recipe is all of us right now.

  • Basic in the best of ways
  • Open to being made fancy
  • Willing to be a side dish
  • But also happy to be there for you when you just need a bowl of creamy, garlicky, no-nonsense pasta on the couch

It’s a whole mood.

The premise here is the same as mac and cheese, but it’s just slightly more interesting.

  • You cook some garlic in some butter.
  • You add your pasta *HI SHELLBOWS* to the buttery garlic and…

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