This post was originally published a few summers ago, but I have been making this all the time lately so it’s back for another run. We gave it a fresh video but everything else is the same – a little sweet, a little savory, fresh and healthy and full of protein! I hope you love it for the early summer season as much as I do. ♡

So… is it more or less goddess-y if it’s served on an everything bagel?

More, I think.

Guys, I am normally not big into cold creamy salads but wow. This is my season to shine with these retro-ish salads. I think I sort of got on a kick when I revisited the egg salad (heyo, avocado egg salad!) after about a ten year boycott, and that has become my gateway into other cold creamy salads such as this lovely classic: Curry Chicken Salad.

What Sets This Curry Chicken Salad Apart

This is not your ordinary curry chicken salad –…

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