This homemade bread is always a family favorite and can be done so easily with this perfect recipe my grandma handed down to me. Making bread is easier than you think!

My miracle no knead bread is another one of my favorite bread to make but it is also just as easy as this homemade bread. Bread is so rewarding to make and tastes even better than store bought!

Homemade bread standing tall and cut in half.

Perfect Homemade Bread

I am so excited to be sharing my Grandma’s perfect bread recipe with you today!  I can’t believe I haven’t put her recipe on the blog until now.  I get intimidated by making bread, but I knew it was time to give it a try.  So many memories came to me as the bread was baking and the wonderful aroma filled through house.  I remember her fresh warm bread was always ready for us when we went to visit.  It was gone as fast as she would slice it up.  This bread turned out just as amazing as I remember…

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