Featured in 11 Wing Recipes to Make Your Super Bowl Soar

Many years ago, when I was a cross-country runner in college on Long Island, our team had a Tuesday tradition: After an especially hard workout, we would go to a place called Big Barry’s in Lake Grove and eat as many buffalo BBQ wings as we possibly could.

Why Tuesday? That was the night when each wing cost only 13 cents.

The Best BBQ Wings of My Life

Now I’ve eaten thousands of Buffalo wings before and since, but none were like Big Barry’s. I swear they had to be either roasted or grilled, because Barry’s wings were crisp and charred and very much not like those nasty, pallid fried things you get in most of the country.

Amazing what a slight difference in cooking method can do for a humble dish.

I loved these BBQ wings. Loved them. So much so that one day, after an unusually tough workout (and not…

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