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Let me just roll this out: Italian Chicken Sausages, plus onions and peppers, all grilled and juicy and tucked into a toasted (but still fluffy) brioche bun swizzled with a punchy little aioli to tie it all up.

Is it summer? I think it is almost summer.

I’m sending my greetings from the land where the sun now shines and grilling for dinner has once again become an option! I hope this is true for most if not all of us?! Because nothing makes quarantine life a little more exciting than taking the kitchen operations OUTSIDE. Trees. Birds. Concrete.

I don’t know what’s outside for you but whatever it is, it is OUTSIDE. And outside is not inside. And this is progress.

Progress that tastes like every good, juicy, zippy, grilled and roasty thing.

My friend Angela – remember Ang’s tortellini soup?…

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