Campari is an herbaceous, bittersweet Italian liqueur that took the 1860s by storm and whose popularity continues today. Campari gives the Negroni its bouquet of orange and grapefruit, and plenty of other drinks their elan vital.

Make your own with this easy recipe. Keep the bottle for your own home bar, or generously give it away as a gift.


Campari is a blend of between ten and seventy herbs, flowers, and roots infused into a high-proof alcohol and sweetened with sugar syrup. The Campari you find on store shelves is still made outside Milan, Italy according to Gaspare Campari’s original 1860 recipe.

While their recipe is a closely held secret – it’s said that outside of the factory director, not a soul knows all of the herbs included – gentian, oranges, rhubarb, and ginseng will get you in the vicinity. The rest of the ingredients…

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