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Dear savory little nuggets of pillowy goodness known as cauliflower gnocchi, we are here for you.

Or more accurately, cauliflower gnocchi, you are here for us, and right now especially.

These long (I repeat: LONG) days at home are begging for a fun-but-simple three ingredient recipe that results in soft little pillows of delight with a low-key easygoing golden browned exterior that can be served with, honestly, like, any sauce you have.

  • Creamy tomato or vodka sauce? Come to me.
  • Ragu? Two thumbs up.
  • Pesto of some sort? Yes, please. (I recommend kale pesto.)
  • Straight up olive oil or butter with some garlic? A++.

This cauliflower gnocchi business is altogether healthy-ish, low-maintenance, seriously delicious, and fun. Let’s talk about how to make this gem of a recipe.

How to Make Cauliflower Gnocchi

First, we’re going to cook a bag of…

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