Horchata is a popular Latin American rice-based drink. This sweetened cinnamon-vanilla beverage is common in the Mexican taquerias that pepper San Antonio, Texas, the city I now call home.

Scan any restaurant that specializes in authentic Mexican food and you’re sure to find a machine that has this white liquid bubbling away inside. Its creaminess and cooling powers make it the ideal counterpart for the spicy salsas and chilies common to this part of the world.

Horchata de arroz (rice) morphed from the orxchata, which is Spanish in origin. Many Spanish speaking countries have their own versions of a grain-based drink, Puerto Rico has one made from sesame seeds, but this version made with rice seems to be the most popular and commonly known.

It’s so easy to make horchata from scratch! You probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry already, so I urge you…

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