It’s 5:30 after a long day at work; you’re starving, and you just want to throw dinner together and sit down to eat a decent meal. But there are mushrooms to deal with.

Great news: Prepping mushrooms is not as finicky as you might expect. You don’t need to painstakingly clean every speck from every mushroom with a special brush. And they’re easy to chop, especially with a few tips.


In the wild, mushrooms grow in rotting organic material. Cultivated mushrooms grow in pasteurized organic material. So, don’t freak out about eating horse poop, even though some commercial growers use chicken and cow manure in their compost mix. By the time the mushrooms grow in it, it’s become a whole other thing.

Still, residue of that whole other thing can still be on the mushrooms when they are harvested. No one wants to eat dirty or gritty…

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